Avery Healthcare Home, Corby

Wienerberger Porotherm Avery Case Study

 Care Home
Contractor: Baxter & King Construction Ltd
Customer: Seagrave Healthcare Developments
Order: 5,200 m2 Building size: 36,000 sq ft
Project length: (Porotherm build) Water tight 52 days
Time saving: Reduction of six weeks
Block: PTH100 Wall spec: 100mm Porotherm, 100mm full fill cavity, 100mm facing brick
Wall thickness: 300mm Thermal performance: 0.25W/m2K

The Porotherm clay block walling system was employed at a care home development in Corby, Northamptonshire. Built for Seagrave Healthcare Developments, the 72-bed Care Home was built by main contractor Baxter & King Construction Ltd who have specialised in healthcare construction for more than 20 years. The project used 5,200m² of the precision engineered blocks over three storeys. Once complete, the facility was leased to operator Avery Healthcare.

The Porotherm system was recommended to Seagrave by Baxter & King following a demonstration at the Porotherm Training Centre at EH Smith Builders Merchant in Longbridge, Birmingham. The speed of construction, lower volume of in-built water and reduction in post-build snagging, make the system ideal for construction of healthcare facilities.

The construction schedule of the 36,000 sq ft building was reduced by approximately six weeks using Porotherm. The thin-joint mortar used to bond the blocks uses 95% less water than traditional mortar, enabling the building to be dry and water tight much sooner. This meant that Baxter & King were able to start the internal first fix sooner. The performance credentials of Porotherm have been validated by CERAM, which has confirmed the system meets levels required by the UK’s Codes of Practice and Building Regulations. Offering a modern construction method with the traditional values of clay, Porotherm is ideal for both monolithic construction, with external render, or as the inner leaf of a double skin of cavity walling when finished with an external facing brick.

Used correctly, the system can significantly increase construction speeds with 10m² per man per hour realistically achievable. It is a virtually dry, efficient, strong, safe and environmentally-friendly method which offers commercial benefits through increased labour productivity and shorter project programmes. It has excellent thermal performance due to precision-engineered air pockets and has a Class A fire rating. Porotherm uses less clay due to innovative design and contains a minimum of 20% MARSS (recycled) content. The block is up to 50% lighter than other similar products of the same size due to perforations and smooth-edged design, also adding to safety standards on site.

“Using the Porotherm system shaved weeks off our construction time, which has important cost saving potential for clients. The inherent dryness of the system also means we can remove moisture from the building much faster than normal. This means there’s less postcompletion shrinkage which reduces the amount of follow up work and is an important consideration regarding the potential intrusion for residents.” Kevin Storey, Construction Director Baxter and King.

“We recognise the environmental benefits offered by Porotherm in terms of the reduction in resources employed in the manufacture of the blocks. We are always interested in sustainable innovations that do not compromise the quality of our product, and believe that Porotherm is a step forward.” Kevin Storey, Construction Director Baxter and King.

Wienerberger Porotherm Avery Case Study