What is Porotherm?

porothem detailPorotherm is a clay block walling system – ideal for the UK construction market. It is virtually dry, safe and simple to use, immensely strong, efficient for stock-holding and storage and environmentally friendly.

The heart of the system – and the secret of its speed and efficiency – is the precision-engineered clay block. A unique interlocking design rules out the need for mortar in the vertical joints and consistent manufacturing quality allows for true 1mm bed joints.


Used successfully for decades across Europe, and now well-established as a building solution for UK working conditions, Porotherm can be used in load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications and is ideal for:
• Inner leaf of brick-faced cavity walls
• Inner and outer leaves of rendered cavity walls
• Infill panels within framed structures
• Partition walls and separating walls
• Single leaf (monolithic) internal & external walls

With its lean laying process and rapid daily output, Porotherm brings cost and time-saving benefits throughout the build while its thermal and acoustic efficiencies bring further advantages for decades to follow – the design life for a Porotherm wall is over 150 years.

Approved & Supported

Porotherm is produced by the world’s market leader in clay technology and has been used successfully for over 30 years.

Porotherm blocks comply with BS EN 771-1:2011, carry a CE Mark, and can be used in masonry designed in accordance with Eurocode 6.

Use of the Porotherm system is supported by a technical report and design guidance publication by Ceram Research Ltd.

Why Choose Clay Blocks?

Porotherm rollerUsed for thousands of years in construction worldwide, clay remains the most sustainable solution for modern buildings. Its natural properties means that it provides a complete, long term sustainability, not only offering increasingly sophisticated low-carbon product manufacture, but giving a building life of over 150 years with little or no maintenance.

Strong and durable, yet lighter and often less of a strain to work with than many of the alternatives, clay also builds-in sound and temperature-control benefits wherever it’s used – creating the ideal internal living environment.

From sustainability credentials and build quality to the ease of use on-site, clay is a material equipped to meet every demand of modern construction.